Hey, I’m Fiona, welcome to my blog. I’m a third year Erasmus student on my year abroad in Granada, Andalusia, where I am working as a English language assistant in a primary school.

I wanted to start keeping a blog as a way of sharing my experience with others. My stories and day to day experiences are written from a foreigners’ perspective, a students’ perspective and as a young teacher who is having her first taster of a real job! I hope that in some way you’ll find them enjoyable and maybe a little different.

You should also know that back at home in England, whether I’m at home in Reading or in my university city of Leeds, cooking and baking are two of my favourite hobbies. Seeing as I’m in the Tapas capital of the world, I’ve decided to put my rubbish art skills to the test and have started a tapas collage – a growing selection of photos of the different tapa that I’ve tasted here…

Although I am keen to explore and indulge in the different foods in this part of Spain, I am also conscious of sharing some good old British classics with the people that I meet. Being in a different country  means that some of the store cupboard ingredients that I’m so used to at home come in different forms or are hard to come by… others simply do not exist! I’ve therefore decided to experiment with a few of the bog standard British classics by using other ingredients typical of southern Spain. I’m not usually one for mixing cuisines, but I’ve found that by adding an Andalusian twist to my food, I can get the best of both worlds. I can be proud of the British grub I’ve been brought up on,  yet I’m also happy to embrace a new Mediterranean cuisine full of different ideas and tastes.

So, I hope you enjoy my posts, pics and experiences from both inside and outside the classroom at school. Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Carla says:

    Hola Fiona!!! Why not in spanish, please??? Abrazos!!


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